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Cover Story

Growing Understanding

by Kathryn Krawczyk

Mariah Kelly had her first seizure when she was just six months old. To her parents, it seemed like just a fluke.

“At the hospital, they just kind of patted me on the back and told me ‘Go home and love your baby, it won’t happen again,’” said Christina Bowen Kelly, Mariah’s mother.

Garden Walk

Go to a Garden Party

by Peter Soscia

With the harsh winters in western New York, homeowners find any and every way to get outside during the warmer months. With the rise in temperatures, the perception turns from snow to heavy rain, creating a humid climate for plants and flowers to flourish.

Film Feature

Locally produced independent feature to have Buffalo premiere

by Jordan Canahai

Buffalo filmmaker Rob Imbs is proud to debut his new film Game Changers this weekend at the Eastern Hills Cinema. The independently-financed feature was written, directed, and produced by Imbs, and shot in and around Buffalo using a cast and crew of predominantly local talent.

Visual Arts Feature

Before I Was So Rudely Interrupted

by Anthony Chase

On January 29, 1577, nearly five years after his abduction by the Spanish Inquisition on a charge of heresy, Fray Luis Ponce de León returned to his classroom at the University of Salamanca, and began his lecture with the immortal words, “Dicebamus hesterna die,” “As we were saying yesterday.”


Chris Coste Returns to Buffalo

by Andrew Kulyk and Peter Farrell

Chris Coste’s journey to Buffalo and beyond was the more improbable one. Unlike most players who get drafted at a young age and work their way up the minor league ladder, Coste had no such luxury.

Investigative Post

Overloaded Workers, Underserved Kids

by Charlotte Keith, Investigative Post

Kim Henderson lasted a year as a caseworker investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect.

She was assigned more cases than she felt she could handle. Many of the cases she inherited were poorly documented. And many of the families she was assigned to work with hadn’t seen a caseworker in months.

Getting A Grip

Ugly People and Their Fences

by Michael I. Niman

The fact that a rich Canadian investment fund manager who bought a Buffalo mansion from a strip club mogul commissioned Oleg Shyshkin, a Ukrainian-Canadian artist, to build him signature gothic gates for his empty Nottingham Terrace property, has taken on a curious prominence in local media. It’s not that this trivial story is actually newsworthy, even on a slow news day.

Tap This

Look to the Yeast

by Kevin Wise

As this Buffalo summer flourishes and blossoms, many of you have enjoyed the benefits of many budding beauties. Not trees or flowers, but very small cells known as yeast. Invisible to the naked eye, these fungal friends make alcohol for a living.

What's Brewing

Presented by Consumer Beverages

by Chris Groves, Certified Cicerone

Ommegang "Nirvana IPA" & North Coast Brewing "Puck - The Beer"

Film Review

Infinitely Polar Bear

by E. Ladd

Infinitely Polar Bear is writer/director Maya Forbes’ autobiographical film about a period of her childhood when she and her little sister were living with their father in a less-than-affluent area of Boston. It’s Forbes’ directorial debut, but she has been a writer and producer for a multitude of television shows and films, including The Larry Sanders Show, which earned her several Emmy nominations.

Art Scene

Here and Gone

by Jack Foran

The Hollis Frampton exhibit on three floors of CEPA galleries extends also into Squeaky Wheel space—both organizations are now in the Market Arcade building—where two of his films are playing. Don’t miss the films. To see what avant-garde cinema—or a significant component of it—looked like in the 1960s, but also for the context one of the films supplies to the photos in the rest of the exhibit.

Theatrically Speaking

Three Summertime Shows

by Anthony Chase

It’s 1989 and screen icon Bette Davis is on her deathbed. Who should be sent to ease the great actress’ passage to the other side? Why none other than her arch enemy Joan Crawford, who happily takes on the malicious task.

Classical Music Notes

BPO Dresses Down for Summer Nights

by Jan Jezioro

Associate conductor Stefan Sanders wraps up the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s summer season, and his first season as associate conductor this weekend, in three different concert programs. The orchestra then goes on a well-earned seven-week hiatus before kicking off its 2015-2016 season with a special appearance by the phenomenal Chinese pianist Lang Lang on Wednesday September 16.

Get Lit

When Cats and the Bookish Invade Buffalo

by Heather Cook

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the stray cats? Feral cats show up in a driveway, under bushes, in a basement, or near workplace dumpsters. The cat looks disheveled and lonely.

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Graphic Traffic

Lazarus, Volume One

by Carolyn Marcille

They're Not Like Us, Volume One: Black Holes for the Young

by Carolyn Marcille

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

Among the protesters at New York City’s Gay Pride Parade on the Sunday after the Supreme Court’s historic gay-marriage decision was a group of men outfitted in Jewish prayer garments and representing the Jewish Political Action Committee, carrying signs reading, for example, “Judaism prohibits homosexuality.” However, the men were very likely not Jewish, but in fact Mexican laborers hired for the day.


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): A researcher at the University of Amsterdam developed software to read the emotions on faces. He used it to analyze the expression of the woman in Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, the Mona Lisa. The results suggest that she is 83 percent happy, 9 percent disgusted, 6 percent fearful, and 2 percent angry.