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It’s nice to know that in today’s changing universe (we’re losing goddamned planets people!—looks like My Very Educated Mother Just got tired of Serving Us those Nine stinkin’ Pizzas!) some things remain constant; if you never liked Motorhead before…don’t worry…you still won’t! If you’ve simply never listened to Motorhead before, I’ll wait while you go give yourself a brief orientation—run out to the side of the road and violently scrape your ears against the gravel shoulder for 45 minutes—now you’re properly warmed up for the classic, timeless voice of one Lemmy Kilmeister. From the opening crunch of “Sucker” (“What we do is break the law/We’ve tasted blood and we want more!”), the first four songs are relentless; if you’re not shot-gunning beers by the end of “Trigger,” well, you’re not invited to my party. “One Night Stand” with its heavy honky-tonk feel and “Devil I Know” (“I might be a dog, honey, but you’re a bitch!”) which will, from this day forward, be officially known as the “Motorhead Break-Up Song,” round out the initial assault. “Kingdom of the Worm” has some nice thrash-metal elements to it but sounds like it would be more at home on an Iron Maiden album, and the studio version of “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” is okay, but also seems a bit out of place. Kiss of Death’s lyrics find Lemmy as smart and smart-assed as ever. The rhythm section is powerful and although my metal-hungry ears sometimes crave more in the way of guitar solos, there’s no more perfect sound for toasting the end of Pluto’s reign!