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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v8n17 (04/23/2009) » Section: Best of Buffalo 2009

The Mysteries of Buffalo

The annual Artvoice Best of Buffalo poll frequently raises more questions than it answers: How many ways are there to misspell Nietzsche’s? Will folks ever stop voting for Joel Giambra in both the “Worst Politician” and “Best Politician” categories? Why do folks persist in believing that Charlie the Butcher is a butcher shop rather than a restaurant?

The Way We Eat

Look at at the Best of Buffalo issue as a kind of pep rally. It functions as a reward for our city’s old-timers, a shout-out to the newcomers, and a continuation of a winning streak for many others. (Yes, at this stage, a nominee is considered a winner).

The Way We Drink

Buffalo has plenty of joints to explore if you want to drop in for a cold one. Whether you crave a top shelf candy-colored martini, a glass of fine New York State wine or something more exotic, a foamy draught of a local microbrew, or a cool Genny pounder with a shot of whiskey in a dark, forgotten room with a pricelessly dated jukebox—our area offers a kaleidoscope of settings in which to exercise the privilege that was restored to every American (currently over the age of 21 in New York) by the 21st Amendment in 1933 with the repeal of Prohibition.

Where We Shop

We live in a shrinking city, in a shrinking county, in a shrinking state. We are caught in the grip of a shrinking economy, aggravated by shrinking credit markets.

Our Kind of Music

If you’re disappointed with the local music scene, you probably haven’t done much to explore it. Having spent years soaking up the situation in cities like New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Austin, Nashville, Memphis, Detroit, Atlanta, Athens, Chapel Hill, Pittsburgh, Boston, Philadelphia, Tampa, and more, from the point of view of a traveling band from Buffalo, I say with total candor that our town sparkles.

These are Our People

Welcome, Chris Collins, to Artvoice’s Best of Buffalo. As any of your fellow public servants can tell the new Erie County executive, a high-profile elective office around here guarantees you a spot on both the “Best Politician” and “Worst Politician” list, as determind by our readers poll. Just ask Assemblyman Sam Hoyt or Congressman Brian Higgins. Just ask Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown—who, strangley, also placed in our “Best Comedian” category.

Our Culture, Great and Small

So the rest of the country applauded us this year. Again.

This is Our Town

We’re announcing a new competition right here and now: Help us revamp this category. We need to start asking you all some different questions.

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