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Round 4 Week 4: Ajent O vs. Doppelgangers

The lineup is Falling Into Place for our fourth live showdown, scheduled for May 9 at the Mohawk. That’s to say, congratulations to the band called Falling Into Place, for collecting the most votes last week. They join Seen It All and Beggar’s Best, who previously secured a spot on the bill.

Congratulations to Round 4 Week 3 Winners: Falling Into Place

By next week, one of the two acts to your right will have won the chance to join them down at the ’Hawk. Whoever wins there will join TypeRelevant, Peanut Brittle Satellite, and Fashion Expo 1990 in the live Grand Finale at the Tralf on May 15.

This week, you, as a local music fan, check out the music of Doppelgangers and Ajent O, then vote for your favorite.

Remember that our IT guy is very savvy, and he’ll be monitoring the votes more closely than an election lawyer in Ohio. Vote once. Don’t try to stuff the ballot. If you’re caught cheating, you can be disqualified. And there’s nowhere to appeal our decision.

The rewards for the winners at Mohawk Place are great. They will receive a recording package from Audio Magic, and 100 CDs of that recording from ESP CD & DVD Manufacturing. Then, as stated above, the four winners of our live quarterfinals will face off in our Grand Finale at the Tralf in May. The winner that night will win a slot on WBFO’s Wednesday night concerts live from Allen Hall, a video produced by Artvoice, and a nice cash prize as well. Special thanks to our friends at Guitar Center.

We’re happy to present this contest with the help of our great sponsors: Nietzsche’s, Mohawk Place, ESP, WBFO and Audio Magic... They all play a vital role in making our town a hotspot of original music. But we can’t make msic without u. Visit and vote. And may the best band win.

Vote Now! (voting is open April 23 - 28)

Ajent O

You need to have the Adobe Flash Player installed to listen. Download it for free here.
Listen to Jean Blue by Ajent O

When/where did the band form? I formed in 1997, in Buffalo, NY

You might like us if you like: 3rd Son, Mos-Def, Common, Pseudo Slang, Aesop Rock, Def Jux, Kev Brown...traditional golden era boom bap underground hip hop with raw beats and actual lyricism.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: I have been cultivating the Buffalo hip hop scene and local hip hop music in general for over ten years as integral presence in both the Baby Steps hip hop movement and the formative years of the Deep Thinka record company. I have recently taken a break from live performance to work on a heavily anticipated solo LP which I plan to release to the WNY area this spring



You need to have the Adobe Flash Player installed to listen. Download it for free here.
Listen to Dukovny by Dopplegangers

When/where did the band form? October, 2008 at Chuck E. Cheese.

You might like us if you like: Ramones, Headstones, FooFighters, Stooges.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: We need money for WeightWatchers.


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