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Election News

Primary Numbers

by Geoff Kelly

IT’S PALADINO’S PARTY NOW: You know what happened here. There’s a lot more space online to ponder the future of New York’s Republican Party, the mechanics of Paladino’s primary victory, his chances against Andrew Cuomo, and what happens even if he loses.

News Analysis

Our Money, Our Jobs, Our Water

by Bruce Fisher

If the $139 million remaining in the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation fund gets spent on fixing Buffalo’s overflowing sewers rather than on parking ramps and commercial buildings for a Bass Pro that won’t come, the Buffalo regional economy will enjoy twice as great an economic impact, and have safer water, more walleyes, fewer fish with tumors, and less stink in Erie Canal Harbor.

Week In Review

Seven Days: The Straight Dope From The Week That Was

by Geoff Kelly

Scorecard: The Week's Winners and Losers

by Zachary Burns

Health and Fitness

What's In That Can?

by Ann Marie Awad

The relationship between consumers and their food is ever-changing and just as politically charged as the nightly news, but what makes it so complicated?

Health and Fitness

The ABCD's of Western New York Healthcare

by Dr. Howard Sperry

Western New York is notorious for poor healthcare statistics which include an incidence of stroke 25% higher than the national rate and 33% more heart disease death than the US average.

Health and Fitness

Should it Stay or Should it Go?

by Andrew Blake

“If you have to look at a tattoo everyday and are not satisfied, it’s priceless to be able to replace it with something you can enjoy,” says Sharpe. The tattoo in question, a Japanese style sleeve up and down his left arm, isn’t quite what he had hoped it would be.

Health and Fitness

Comprehensive Weight Loss Center, Part I

Recognizing the seeming explosion of obesity in the country during the past decade, host Judy Sperry went to Buffalo General Hospital to speak with Dr. Aaron Hoffman about surgical treatments for obesity.

Health and Fitness

When To Consider Weight Loss Surgery, Part II

In addition to speaking with Dr. Aaron Hoffman, Judy Sperry also interviewed Dr. Alan Posner who founded the Comprehensive Weight Loss Center.

Health and Fitness

The Economics of Health

After hearing from Dr. Elad Levy about the Global Vascular Institute’s potential medical and economic impact and the cost of the project, Artvoice decided to look for corroboration of his optimism from one of our congressional representatives. We contacted congressman Brian Higgins for a brief interview.

Health and Fitness

Pole Play

Several months ago filmed a wildly popular burlesque show by a troupe named Eye Candy at the Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda. The video was downloaded hundreds of times the first day it was posted and it continues to garner views. We later learned that the person behind the burlesque team was Chelsea Celotto, owner of Pole Play Dance Studio on Hertel Avenue.

Health and Fitness

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery

Judy Sperry, host of, visited the offices of Dr. Riyaz Hassanali to find out the latest developments in non-invasive comsetic surgery. Dr. Hassanali, a recognized expert in his field with offices in Rochester and Williamsville, also has patients worldwide, from Dubai to London.

Health and Fitness

Sleep Disorders, Sleep Apnea, and Depression

Q&A with Wendy L. Weinstein, M.D. P.C.

Health and Fitness

The Global Vascular Institute

There is so much going on in the 120 acres of downtown’s Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus that it’s difficult to keep track of the all the growth. The constant stream of new building developments and ongoing projects is overwhelming, but also promises to help lead Buffalo back to the robust city it once was.

Health and Fitness

Fitness 19: Keeping it Simple

We thought we had covered a lot with our Artvoice Health & Fitness issue when we realized there was something missing: a traditional gym or fitness center.

Health and Fitness

It's Not a Workout Unless You Work

Kevin Cunningham, owner of KC’s Fitness and Boxercise, has been in the fitness training business since high school. His gym, located in the beautiful old First Presbyterian Church next to Kleinhans Music Hall, is designed to give those who are willing a very serious workout. I suppose someone could go there to lightly putter around with some weights, but generally that’s not the case.

Health and Fitness

Cables, Pulleys, Bones and Muscles

Patricia Farkas-Sprague, a former professional dancer, still moves with the fluidity of a teenage girl. No doubt, that can be attributed in large part to the time she spends teaching in her Willaimsville fitness studio and using either of her two prized Gyrotonics machines.

Health and Fitness

Fun With Brazilian Exercise

Former Artvoice videographer John Long (now living in Chicago) recently sent us a book about the Afro-Brazilian martial art/dance practice of capoeira. At the height of the slave trade during the 19th century, the practice was criminalized in Brazil when authorities suspected that the dancing moves of capoeira disguised combat training for slaves intent on rebellion. At one point, as many 30 percent of slaves entering some Brazilian jails had been arrested for practicing capoeira.

Health and Fitness

Dance is a Lifestyle

If you missed the dance performances at this year’s Elmwood Festival of the Arts, then you missed the opportunity to watch some truly talented and marvelously fit people as they locked into musical rhythms and twisted, leapt, and pirouetted across the main stage at Lafayette and Elmwood.

Health and Fitness

Finding Your Rhythm

Erin Cook—dancer, yoga instructor, and founder of Hand to Heart Yoga on Elmwood Avenue—has found a way to tap into an audience that might otherwise avoid gyms or yoga classes. She teaches a classes in Hip-Hop Yoga, which appeals to those seeking a contemporary approach to fitness.

Health and Fitness

Connecting Breath and Body

Anyone who has been to Grant Street recently has probably noticed the subtle transformation that’s been taking place on Buffalo’s West Side commercial district. Guercio’s Food Market, Frontier Liquor, and Italian Village restaurant now share the street with Sweetness 7 Café, Krudmart, the Meating Place, and the new home of Shakti Yoga, which moved from Lexington Avenue into an impressive former bank building at 133 Grant.

Health and Fitness

Enough! A Buddhist Approach to Finding Release from Addictive Patterns

by Sarah Quintal

I wanted to read Chönyi Taylor’s book because I wanted to do—or at least read—something good for myself. But I was also hesitant, for a few reasons.

Theater Week

A Strong Opening Line

by Anthony Chase

The 2010 theater season is off to a smashing start. Curtain Up! night offered beautiful weather and one fabulous street party with plenty of entertainment and lots of vendors. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the show folk at this event, but this year, the after-party was populated with actors, directors, musicians, and designers who stayed out well past one in the morning.

Art Scene

Lavatelli, Parisi, and Cocktails

by Jack Foran

Mark Lavatelli’s sensuous paintings in encaustic are currently on display at Indigo Art on Allen Street, and Nancy Parisi’s lush and enigmatic photos of hands and ancillary items and more stringent pencil drawings are on exhibit across the street at Studio Hart.

Film Feature

His Kind of Town

by M. Faust

Leave it to the entertainment press to dig for the deep issues. During a press conference held at the Toronto Film Festival last week for The Town, the big-ticket movie being launched here (it opens in Buffalo this weekend), one enquiring mind wanted to know why Ben Affleck dyed his hair.

Film Reviews


by George Sax

Life During Wartime

by M. Faust

Animal Kingdom

by George Sax

I'm Still Here

by M. Faust


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Movie Times (Friday, September 17 - Thursday, September 23)

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Featured Events

See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of events to watch out for the week, including our editor's pick: Of Montreal with Janelle Monae at the Town Ballroom this Sunday the 19th.

You Auto Know

Coming of Age

by Jim Corbran

I’m sure by now you’ve enough Buick/old guy jokes. And back when they were dreamt up, many of them were true. I used to work at a Buick dealership, so I heard ‘em all. Where many other brands had movie rooms and/or play areas for customers’ kids, we had a closet in which we kept a couple of walkers and wheel-chairs because—well, because you just never knew when one of your regular customers might need one. No joke.

Five Questions With...

Omarlla: Cheerleader

As every Buffalo Bills fan knows, rooting for the team has been a trying experience of late. With that in mind, its hard not to gain a greater appreciation for the tireless and talented efforts of the Buffalo Jills cheerleading squad.

Letters to Artvoice

The Last Game at Offermann Stadium

by Howard Henry

Why I Don't Vote

by Nate Buckley

In The Margins

Just Buffalo presents Will Alexander, Alissa Nutting, and Gut Flora

by Peter Vullo

Lit City: Literary Event Listings

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

More than a half-million children in the U.S. take antipsychotic medicines and (reported The New York Times in September) “(e)ven the most reluctant (doctors) encounter a marketing juggernaut that has made antipsychotics the nation’s top-selling class of drugs by revenue, $14.6 billion last year, with prominent promotions aimed at treating children.”


Listings and Resources

Buffalo has a large and diverse gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. For further information about its numerous organizations and activities, visit Gaywatch at, call the Western New York Pride Center (852-7743), or email


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): “Nothing is more conducive to peace of mind than not having any opinions at all.” German aphorist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg said that, and now I’m offering it for you to use. Are you game?


Ask Anyone

I recently hosted a party for my in-laws, and two couples were no shows. Both couples had confirmed that they were coming. One couple called three hours late and apologized; a phone call from the other couple has gone unreturned.