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Holiday Gift Guide

Think Local: Support local businesses and win fabulous prizes

by Geoff Kelly

Nobody, not even the United States Congress, is going to give Western New York $25 billion and a year to get its act together. That sort of largesse is reserved for car manufacturers and investment banks.

Holiday Gift Guide

The Artisans Bazaar

So you want to find unique gifts, locally made and sold in a locally owned shop. And you’d like, if possible, to check six or eight names off your giving list in one stop. Well, Artvoice has conspired with the Neighborhood Collective to make your dreams come true: For 30 days, the Elmwood Avenue gallery and shop will exhibit beautiful work by 30 regional artists, from paintings to jewelry to fine teas.

Holiday Gift Guide

20 local folks offer book suggestions for the holidays

There is nothing more flattering than the gift of a book. If nothing else, it says, “I know you can read.” But typically it says more than that: When the book is well matched to the recipient, it is evident that the gift-giver has been thoughtful and attentive to the recipient’s interests.

Holiday Gift Guide

Funny gifts for frightening times: 8 DVD box sets

by M. Faust

That movie buff on your list may claim that he or she wants a copy of Satantango or Berlin Alexanderplatz, but that’s just because they’re too cheap to buy them. Instead, get them something they’ll actually watch and re-watch until the laser burns a hole in the DVD.

Holiday Gift Guide

Five gift ideas for cool kids

by Donny Kutzbach

Basically because my mind is constantly turning in an endless swirl of music, film, art, and sneakers—and the ways that they all can mix together—this is what my holiday gift suggestions look like:

Holiday Gift Guide

You can't go home again, But you can still drink there...

by Reginald Dwight

As far as bar holidays go, the day before Thanksgiving is New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, Dyngus Day, and Cinco De Mayo combined. Bar owners contend that they make more money during this holiday than any other, and a number of police officers concur that they have more problems on Thanksgiving Eve by comparison to similar alcohol-fueled frenzies.

Last Minute Gift Guide

Artvoice Holiday Advertiser Directory

All the best in local shopping, eating, drinking, arts, culture, night life and more. Forget the big-box and national chain stores! Support our local economy and support a local business this holiday season... and tell them Artvoice sent you!


Mainstream Radicalism

by Bruce Fisher

Of all the smart and successful people who have written campaign-year books, Paul Krugman is so far the best writer. He gets lots of practice, what with his twice-weekly columns for the New York Times. But sometimes it’s the material.

Getting a Grip

Class Warfare

by Michael I. Niman

Class is the invisible signifier. In the United States, we just don’t speak of it, unless, of course, we’re talking about the ubiquitous “middle class,” with which we’re all supposed to identify. This all changed with “Joe the Plumber from Ohio,” who was actually a man named Sam who worked as a plumber’s helper after moving to Ohio from Arizona.


Week 2: The Manics vs. FLOOZIE

CONGRATULATIONS, KRYSZT! You collected the most votes this past week, so you proceed to our live quarterfinal at Nietzsche’s on December 26. Musicians, there’s still time to enter BOOM, even if you’ve entered before. To prove it, this week we’re pairing new contestants The Manics vs. FLOOZIE. Floozie took part in our first live show over a year ago.

Puck Stop

Farewell Old Friend event at Convention Center attracts thousands

by Andrew Kulyk & Peter Farrell

A separate Taro display, replete with the best signs and witticisms which draped the balcony of the Aud on many a hockey night, would have been more than appropriate.

Season Ticket

The Bills didn't go quietly on Monday night-but they're gone

by Dave Staba

We had just parked across a sidewalk from Route 20, just east of the main entrance to Ralph Wilson Stadium, when I saw him late Monday afternoon. Wearing a blue number seven jersey and blue knit cap, standing atop what looked like an old moving van painted dark blue, the word “BILLS” writ very large on the front of the box, he prepared for the contest between Buffalo and Cleveland with a celebratory dance.


See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of events to watch out for the week, including our Editor's pick: The Burchfield Penney Art Center's grand opening, a continuous 31-hour, all weekend long celebration.

Food for Thought

The Big Bird

by Joe George

Well, here it is November already—can you believe it?—and being a food writer I feel compelled to offer the obligatory turkey article. And as I do, a quote comes to mind. Some years ago I attended a seminar at the New School in New York City. One of the speakers was Nach Waxman, owner of the literary cookbook store, Kitchen Arts and Letters. When he sat down he gave the room a long, sweeping look and then said, “We do not live in a recipe-deprived society.”


The indomitable Mrs. Tillou

by Dean Brownrout

We love the mythology of the creative type: The oppressed rock band taken advantage of by their evil record label, only to achieve fame and fortune through sheer talent; the ingénue plucked from obscurity at the lunch counter. And, of course, the angst-ridden artist whose tortured soul fuels his or her expression.

Music Feature

Opera Sacra celebrates Puccini anniversary

by Jan Jezioro

Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini was born on December 22, 1858, and to celebrate the sesquicentenary of his birth, Opera Sacra will present a festival featuring his music at 8pm this Friday and Saturday, November 21 and 22, at St. Joseph University Church, 3269 Main Street, Buffalo.


The Grand Tour

by J. Tim Raymond

On the second floor of an old factory building in a series of well lit, whitewashed stalls, are the confines of the redFISH Art Studio and Gallery.


Billy Elliott on Broadway

by Anthony Chase

Billy Elliott, the British musical hit by Elton John and Lee Hall, has arrived on Broadway at a most fortuitous moment. Seldom has America been at such a moment of simultaneous optimism and gloom.

Film Feature

Something Dark

by Greg Lamberson

Buffalo area residents may be surprised to learn that there is a passionate and persistent community of independent filmmakers following their dreams in our weather-beaten city. “In economically depressed towns like Buffalo, folks rely on escapism through art to stop the hurt in their hearts and pocket books, so they do creative things like make movies,” says Emil J. Novak, one of the principal creators of Something Dark, a feature-length film premiering this Saturday.

Film Reviews

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

by George Sax


by M. Faust


On The Boards Theater Listings

Movie Times (Fri. November 21 - Thurs. November 27)

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Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

When a four-bedroom house inhabited by 50 tenants partially collapsed in October in Honolulu, at least 10 of the residents said they had been pressured to let the property manager give them experimental “stem-cell” injections.

You Auto Know

This year's best Christmas gift on four wheels

by Jim Corbran

Okay, I tried this a few years back with the new Rolls-Royce Phantom, but a quick, unscientific survey (country clubs, Buffalo Bills’ employee lot, a chat with the valet parkers at the annual plumbers’ union picnic) told me that no one took my simple suggestion: a $320,000 car as the ultimate Christmas gift.


Shop with Pride this holiday season

by Bryan Whitley-Grassi

“Think globally, buy locally” is a true Buffalo mantra this holiday season. But how about “think globally, buy locally, and demand equality”? This holiday season look to Pride Center od Western New York’s “Shop with Pride,” an innovative new program that identifies LGBT-friendly local businesses and partners in the Buffalo area so that you use your hard-earned dollars to support the businesses that support you.


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You’ve been hiding a part of yourself from your conscious awareness. That’s why I’m going to ask you to take off the mask you wear when you’re alone with yourself. You might be surprised when you actually gaze upon your secret face. But I believe it will ultimately prove to be an intriguing breakthrough that will give you good ideas about how to share yourself more completely.


Ask Anyone

Ever since Obama won the election and promised his daughters they could get a dog, my children are nagging me for a dog. I point out our small house, our two cats, our fish, hamster, and parakeet. They stare at me, wide-eyed.